Caught the travel bug

From as early as I can remember, my parents prioritized travel. We went to all over the United States, visited national parks, museums, and spent time exploring our unknowns.

In my 32 years, I have visited 19 countries, with two more planned in early 2023. I have the travel bug — I love how travel transforms me, reminds me how small I really am, and the vulnerability being in a totally new place brings.

Oh, and, of course, I love the food, the booze, the people, and just immersing myself in all the culture that this wild world has to offer.

Kayaking on Lake Brienz in Interlaken, Switzerland | February 2022

This blog will highlight my adventures and provide a variety of useful travel tips for:

➡️ Travelers with anxiety (and their partners)
➡️ Sustainable travel
➡️ International outdoor adventure travel

I will also tell my story — a story of finding myself, of overcoming mental health barriers, and seeing the world with sustainable eyes.

Thanks for checking in to Sammy Sees – I am so happy you’re here. Cheers!

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